The Library

The WAS Library consists of around 150 books covering a wide range of astronomy, cosmology, sky guides, practical, (use of telescopes ,binoculars, and sky imaging and photography), and theoretical topics. Access to the book store has recently been improved and it is hoped that the full selection of books will be displayed at each society meeting, as was the case a few months ago. Books from the store, which is fully catalogued (online), may be reserved in advance of meetings; details of this are set out below. Please click the links to see the catalogue and synopsis pages. These are set out below.

Two PDF lists are available. Click below to view or download:

Category (PDF 20k-3 pages)

Synopses ( PDF 362k � 24 pages)

Members are invited to preselect any book required from the catalogue and their request to the Librarian (Rob Hatch) a week before the monthly meeting. Please state the title, the WAS ID number and your name.

Every effort will be made to have members’ selections ready at the start of the meeting.