Welcome to the Wessex Astronomical Society

Wessex Astronomical Society is based in Wimborne, Dorset, UK

Wessex Astronomical Society exists to promote and advance public education and interest in the science of astronomy and related sciences and to provide facilities for the encouragement and pursuit of observational astronomy

Next Society Meeting Tuesday  Sept 6th, 7.45pm

Time and Calendars – Steve Tonkin

After the break we will have regular topics such as Object of the Month and Cosmic Catchup

 Appropriate Covid-19 measures in place. The event will also be available via Zoom for members who cannot attend in person.  Visitors welcome (£3 entry)
                  Next Durlston public event 
Sunday Sept 4th.  8.15pm    Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon and, summer constellations.  £3 entry, no need to book.