2024 Meeting Programme

Hybrid meetings are now being held via Zoom and at the Allendale Centre in Wimborne for members. The start time for meetings is 7.45pm. Members for whom the Society holds a current email address will be sent the Zoom link before each meeting. Non members are most welcome, simply pay £3 when you arrive.

DateTalkSpeaker in Person
or Presenting
via Zoom
Tuesday January 2nd Professor David Rothery – Mercury & the BepiColombo missionVia Zoom
Tuesday February 6thProfessor Malcolm MacCallum – Black Holes and other compact objectsVia Zoom
Tuesday March 5thProfessor Malcolm Coe – Tides in the Clouds – Star Birth & Death in our Nearest GalaxyVia Zoom
Tuesday April 2ndProfessor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell – “What is that?!” The Discovery of Pulsars: A Grad Student’s StoryIn Person
Tuesday May 7thBud Martin – The Life and Times of GalileoIn Person
Tuesday June 4thKate Earl – The 88 ConstellationsIn Person
Tuesday July 2ndRobert Harvey – Stumbling Around in the Dark – 2 hour Astrophoto SessionIn Person
Tuesday August 6thSocial and Equipment Night with QuizN/A
Tuesday September 3rdDr. David Bacon – Dark energyIn Person
Tuesday October 1at Professor Martin Hendry – Einstein in the moviesVia Zoom
Tuesday November 5thJohn Martin MBE – Apollo Mission TBCIn Person
Tuesday December 3rd Members TalksMembers in Person

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