2024 Meeting Programme

Hybrid meetings are now being held via Zoom and at the Allendale Centre in Wimborne for members. Members for whom the Society holds a current Email address will be sent the Zoom link before each meeting. Non members are most welcome, simply pay £3 when you arrive.

Tuesday January 2nd Professor David Rothery – Mercury & the BepiColombo mission
Tuesday February 6thProfessor Malcolm MacCallum – Black Holes
Tuesday March 5thProfessor Malcolm Coe – Tides in the Clouds – Star Birth & Death in our Nearest gGalaxy
Tuesday April 2ndProfessor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell – “What is that?!” The Discovery of Pulsars: A Grad Student’s Story
Tuesday May 7thBud Martin – The Life and Times of Galileo
Tuesday June 4thKate Earl – The 88 Constellations
Tuesday July 2ndRobert Harvey – Stumbling Around in the Dark – 2 hour Astrophoto Session
Tuesday August 6thSocial and Equipment Night with Quiz
Tuesday September 3rdDr. David Bacon – Dark energy
Tuesday October 1at Professor Martin Hendry – Einstein in the movies
Tuesday November 5thJohn Martin MBE – Apollo Mission TBC
Tuesday December 3rd Members Talks

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