Wessex Astronomical Society

Wessex Astronomical Society Past Programmes (1998-2007)
Meeting Date Subject Speaker
1998-Nov-03 Slide and Video evening Various members
1998-Dec-01 Subject TBA (Leonids?) Dr John Mason
1999-Jan-05 Ten Minute Talks evening Various members.
1999-Feb-02 Time Stephen Tonkin
1999-Mar-02 Galaxies Alan Jefferis
1999-Apr-06 'Here's one I made earlier' Colin Pither
1999-May-04 Meteorites: Space probes & time machines Dr Sara Russell
1999-Jun-01 Computer, Exhibition and Planetarium Evening to be held in the Large Hall
1999-Jul-06 Build a Back Garden Observatory Graham Bryant
1999-Aug-03 Eclipse 1999 a report by Geoff Kirby, Grahame Barnwell & Shelley Fey
1999-Sep-07 AGM & Eclipse Round-up Various members
1999-Oct-05 Photographing the Milky Way Bob Mizon
1999-Nov-02 Through the Eye of the HST Paul Money
1999-Dec-07 Slide and Video evening Various members
2000-Jan-04 10 Minute Talks Society Members
2000-Feb-08 Under the Weather       [NOTE: Feb 8th] Grahame Barnwell
2000-Mar-07 Spaceguard Jay Tate
2000-Apr-04 Computer, Exhibition and Planetarium Evening to be held in the Large Hall
2000-May-02 Particles and the Universe Prof. Peter Kalmus
2000-Jun-06 "If we had no Moon..." Dr John Mason
2000-Jul-04 Images of the Year David Strange
2000-Aug-01 Apollo and the Clementine Missions Jerry Workman
2000-Sep-05 AGM - Antarctic Astronomy Jonathan Shanklin
2000-Oct-03 Star Names Bob Mizon
2000-Nov-06 The Deep Sky in Winter Alan Dowdell
2000-Dec-05 Slide & Video Evening Society Members
2001-Jan-09 Ten Minute Talks          [NOTE: Jan 9th] Various Members
2001-Feb-06 Where Have All the Martians Gone? Trevor Sproston
2001-Mar-06 Journey into Space Stephen Tonkin
2001-Apr-03 Observing Jupiter John Rogers
2001-May-01 Effects of Precession Robin Gorman
2001-Jun-05 Telescope Basics Various Members
2001-Jul-03 Computer, Exhibition and Planetarium Evening in the Large Hall
2001-Aug-07 Clementine (?) Jerry Workman
2001-Sep-04 AGM - Time and the Stars AGM + Bob Mizon
2001-Oct-02 The 2 Micron All Sky Survey Paul Money
2001-Nov-06 Naming the Moon (nomenclature of features) Graham Bryant
2001-Dec-04 Slide and Video Evening Various Members
2002-Jan-08 Ten Minute Talks          [NOTE: Jan 8th] Various Members
2002-Feb-05 NASA Genesis Mission - Solar wind sample return Anna Butterworth
2002-Mar-05 Life in the Universe James Fradgley
2002-Apr-02 Video Astronomy Andrew Elliott
2002-May-07 A night on the JKT - La Palma Lin Harwood et al
2002-May-28 Last Tuesday in MAY   Exhibition meeting Visitors Welcome!
2002-Jul-02 2 Micron All Sky Survey - A New View of the Universe Paul Money
2002-Aug-06 HST Planetary Images Jerry Workman
2002-Sep-03 One Step Beyond Casual Observing (Preceded by the AGM) Joe Kaplonek
2002-Oct-01 "Wish you were here" - for astronomers Lilian Hobbs
2002-Nov-05 Roll-off-roof Observatory and Telescope Control David Brown
2002-Dec-03 Slide and Video evening Various Members
2003-Jan-07 Ten Minute Talks Various Members
2003-Feb-04 'A Tour through the Universe' replaced 'The Beagle 2 Project' Bob Mizon
2003-Mar-04 Twisting and stretching in the Sun. Professor Gough
2003-Apr-01 The Violent Universe Dr Malcolm Coe
2003-May-06 "Wish you were here" - for astronomers Lilian Hobbs
2003-Jun-03 Exhibition meeting Visitors Welcome!
2003-Jul-01 National Schools Observatory Robert Massey
2003-Aug-05 The Sky at Many Wavelengths Jerry Workman
2003-Sep-02 'A Tour through the Universe - II' (Follows the AGM) Bob Mizon
2003-Oct-14 Note - 2nd Tues. UK Spacegaurd Project - Update Jonathan Tate
2003-Nov-11 Note - 2nd Tues. Inside Stars: Cooking Pots for the Elements James Fradgley
2003-Dec-02 Slide and Video evening Various Members
2004-Jan-06 Ten Minute Talks Various Members
2004-Feb-03 'SALT - the Southern African Large Telescope' Dr Malcolm Coe
2004-Mar-02 Observing the Moon with modest equipment. John Pedler
2004-Apr-06 Tales of the strange world of Astronomy. Alan Dowdell
2004-May-04 CCD Imaging from La Palma Nick Szymanek
2004-June-01 Transits of Mercury and Venus Tony Ruth
2004-Jul-06 Radio-loud Active Galactic Nebulae in the optical Joanna Holt
2004-Aug-03 Mars Global Surveyor Jerry Workman
2004-Sep-07 Exhibition meeting Visitors Welcome!
2004-Oct-05 Pulsars and their Relation to Supernovae - preceeded by the AGM Conrad Malin-Smith
2004-Oct-29 Songs of the stars: the real music of the spheres    (Note: Fri before Tues) Prof. Donald Kurtz
2004-Dec-07 Pulsars and their Relation to Supernovae     Note - Rescheduled from Sept. Konrad Malin-Smith
2005-Jan-04 Ten Minute Talks Various Members
2005-Feb-01 'Dark Skies Update' Bob Mizon
2005-Mar-01 Asteroids. Arthur Davis
2005-Apr-05 'Glows, Bows and Halos'. Richard Fleet
2005-May-03 Fringe Astronomy Geoff Kirby
2005-June-07 Messier Marathon Paul Money
2005-Jul-05 Exhibition Evening - Members' equipment, telescopes etc - Visitors Welcome!
2005-Aug-02 2003 Mars Missions and Cassini Jerry Workman
2005-Sep-06 Southern skies and the Magellanic Clouds Konrad Malin -Smith
2005-Oct-04 Deep Space in Wiltshire - preceeded by the AGM Philip Perkins
2005-Nov-08 From Solar System to the edge of the Observable Universe
(Note: 2nd Tues)
Robin Catchpole
2005-Dec-06 Slide and Video evening Various Members
2006-Jan-03 Members' Ten Minute talks
2006-Feb-07 Tour of the Universe Bob Mizon
2006-Mar-07 The UK in Space Dr Chris Davis (R A Lab)
2006-Apr-04 What you have always wanted to know but dare not ask about astronomy Norman Walker
2006-May-01 From 9pm - Public Astronomy Event - Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and the Spring constellations
2006-May-02 Meteorites; Space probes, time machines and the origins of life? Dr Caroline Smith of the N H M
2006-June-06 Exhibition Evening - Telescopes, Member's equipment, Mizar Planetarium - members of the public welcome
2006-June-18 From 9.30pm Public Astronomy Event at Durlston Country Park - Jupiter and the Summer constellations
2006-Jul-04 In pursuit of pulsars Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell
2006-Aug-01 Mars Missions and Cassini-Huygens Jerry Workman
2006-Aug-12 From 9:30pm Public Astronomy Event - Perseid meteors and the Autumn constellations
2006-Sep-05 AGM - How to choose a telescope Alan Jefferis and Paul Snell
2006-Oct-03 X (-rays) mark the spot! Darren Baskill
2006-Nov-07 Astrophotography Nik Szymanek
2006-Dec-05 Relativity for Non-Mathematicians - Replaced by a James Fradgely talk. James Fradgely
2006-Dec-13 From 7:30pm - Public Astronomy Event at Durlston - Geminid meteors and the Winter constellations
2007-Jan-02 Members' Ten Minute talks Various
2007-Feb-06 Star Names - from the Banal to the Bizarre Bob Mizon
2007-Mar-03 From 9:00pm - Public Astronomy Event at Durlston - Total eclipse of the Moon, Saturn and the Spring Constellations
2007-Mar-06 Relativity for non-mathematicians (Note: talk postponed from 2006 Dec)
[replaces: Strange goings-on with 3 or more bodies. Given on 2006 Dec James Fradgley]
Dr Konrad Malin-Smith
2007-Apr-03 Cassini - the Icy Moons of Saturn Jerry Workman
2007-May-01 Cosmology Today Chris Baddiley
2007-Jun-05 Exhibition Evening - Member equipment and demonstrations - Members of the Public Welcome
2007-Jul-03 Things that go Bang in the Night Andy Newsam
2007-Aug-07 Cosmic Recycling - an Amateur Perspective Nick Hewett
2007-Aug-12 From 9:00pm - Public Astronomy Event at Durlston - Perseid Meteors, Jupiter and the Summer Constellations
2007-Sept-04 AGM "&" Members' slide, video and digital images Various
2007-Oct-02 From Ice to Fire, the Birth, Life and Death of our Solar System Robin Catchpole
2007-Oct-19 From 9:00pm - Public Astronomy Event at Durlston - The Moon, Jupiter and the Autumn Constellations
2007-Nov-06 Our Galaxy, The Milky Way Paul Money
2007-Dec-04 White Dwarves Dr Konrad Malin-Smith