Wessex Astronomical Society

Wessex Astronomical Society Programme - 2013

Meeting  Date



2013-Jan-8th Members Ten Minute talks Members
2013-Feb-5th Cosmic Mirages David Bacon
2013-Mar-5th Calendars, Cultures & Clocks James Fradgley
2013-Apr-2nd More Astronomy Pictures of the Day Bob Mizon
2013-May-7th Comets, Asteroids, Impacts.  Should we worry and what can we do? Robin Catchpole
2013-June-4th Exhibition evening - Equipment, displays, planetarium et
2013-July-2nd The Day they Launched a Woodpecker Jerry Stone
2013-Aug-6th More Astronomy Pictures of the Day Bob Mizon
2013-Sep-3rd Our Galaxy, the Milky Way Paul Money
2013-Oct-1st Active Galactic Nuclei and their observation by amateurs Nick Hewett
2013-Nov-5th The Star of Bethlehem Brian Mills
2013-Dec-3rd Members' video and digital images Members