Wessex Astronomical Society

Wessex Astronomical Society Programme - 2009

Meeting  Date



2009-Jan-06 Members' Ten Minute talks Various
2009-Feb-03 Sixty Years an Amateur Astronomer Geoff Kirby
2009-Mar-03 Colliding Galaxies Sheri Barrington
2009-Apr-07 The Early Universe Konrad Malin Smith
2009-May-05 Gamma-Ray Bursters Mark Gibbons
2009-Jun-02 Exhibition evening Yourselves
2009-Jul-07 The Northern Dawn: aurorae for everybody Bob Mizon
2009-Aug-04 Apollo revisited Jerry Workman
2009-Sep-01 Cosmology today Chris Baddiley
2009-Oct-06 AGM + The Evolution of Cataclysmic Binaries Darren Baskill
2009-Nov-03 The Universe Unveiled; from Galileo to the Hubble Telescope Dr Robin Catchpole
2009-Dec-01 Members’ slide, video and digital images Yourselves
The Secretary (Tel. 01929 422961) will be pleased to provide further information about the programme.