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This is the second image of Mars in the present approach to opposition taken using the DMK 41AU02 video camera on the 14" LX200 telescope at Durlston. As this is a mono camera a colour filter wheel was used to produce red, green and blue-filtered images. The video sequence at each filter setting was approximately 500 frames at 15 frames per second. These were processed in Registax6, Maxim DL (to combine the RGB images into a single colour image) and Photoshop to produce the final image. [Alan Jefferis]

The picture was taken on the 29th of February 2012 when Mars is in Leo and approaching opposition in early March. It has an angular diameter of 13 arcseconds, close to its maximum this time around. That can be compared with Jupiter which had an angular diameter of 49 arcseconds at opposition. The air was heavy with water vapour and Mars was looking very red at the time.