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Top left - This seasons take on M42, EQ6/MN190/Canon 1000D modded/UHC filter/PHD guiding. Made up from three stacks, 12x15 sec for the trapezium region, 10x120 sec for most of it, 10x240 sec for the wispy bits. All at f5.3 and 800ASA.

Top right - M45, the Pleiades, first time that I have managed to catch the nebulosity to some degree.
Bottom left - NGC2239, the cluster within the Rosette Nebula and therefore the Rosette itself.
Bottom right - CR69, cluster at the head of Orion.

These three were take using the WO 80mm on the EQ6 with a Tele Vue flattener/reducer and the modded Canon 1000D, UHC filter. All 10 x 240sec @ f5.5 and 800 ASA, stacked in DSS, processed in Photoshop.

[John Gifford]