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At about 8pm on 10th November 2010 I started imaging Jupiter using the Philips Toucam webcam on the LX200 14" telescope. The first image, at 8.09 pm was a normal Jupiter image. The next, at 8.21, revealed the shadow of one of the moons near the south east limb. By 8.49 another moon had appeared off the north east limb. This turned out to be Ganymede. At that time Europa was also on the point of becoming visible at the south west limb and its shadow had moved further into the disk of the planet. By 8.50 both moons were well clear and Europa's shadow was nearing the centre of the disk. In fact, while all this was going on a third moon, Io, had also emerged from behind the eastern limb but was in Jupiter's shadow and therefore not visible. Io emerged from eclipse about an hour later but by that time I had packed up and gone home. [Jefferis]