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Picture of the week1
Submitted by Craig Gardiner

The Bubble Nebula, NGC 7635

ATIK 414ex Mono camera on Skywatcher 200P Guiding: QHY5-L-II-Mono on Skywatcher ST80
Filters: Baader 1.25” SII, Ha, OIII (8nm bandpass) Capture Software: Stellarmate (Raspberry Pi) 26x 300sec SII, 24x 300sec Ha, 40x 300 sec OIII + darks, flats & bias
Registering & Stacking: Deep Sky Stacker Processing: Affinity Photo and Noiseless (Mac)

This is my first proper attempt at narrowband using the Hubble palette (Red=SII, Green=Ha, Blue=OIII). It’s been a long learning curve, and I found it challenging getting the correct colour balance in the end result. Most people aim for the golden colour in the nebulosity, which is what I’ve aimed for here. I’m quite pleased how the SII channel is apparent in the bubble.
Picture of the week2
Submitted by Andy Websster and Gen D'Arcey

The Triangulum Galaxy

On Wenesday night, 10th February, we took another 16 subs at 300s each of the Triangulum Galaxy and added them to the best 24 subs from our previous attempt in December, making this image a stack of 40 subs at 300s each with associated dark, bias and flat frames.

Taken with the Orion 6" telescope and modified camera with quadband filter. Autoguided and ISO 1600.
Stacked and processed in PixInsight.