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Picture of the week 1
Submitted by Gen D'Arcey and Andy Webster

Image of the Whirlpool Galaxy,M51, in Canes Vennatici

Orion 6" Newtonian, ASI224MC, quadband filter, guided, all controlled by the ASIair Pro.

The final images stacked using 13 5-minute subs from Sunday night and 64 from Monday night.

Only used dark and flat frames this time as we’d read several times that bias frames aren’t needed with this camera.

All stacked and processed in PixInsight.

Picture of the week 2
Submitted by Richard Bassom

During Bob's talk last night on meteorites Richard was prompted to send me his video of the fireball of the Winchcombe meteorite

"... from my north-facing camera in the New Forest at 21:54 on the night of 28th February 2021".