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Picture of the week 1
Submitted by Alan Jefferis

Partial solar solar eclipse 10th June 2021, taken at 1128 BST, 15 minutes after maximum, through thin cloud.

Nikon D7000 with 55-200mm lens set to135mm. 1/60s at f11 through Baader Solar Film blocking filter


Picture of the week 2
Submitted by Bob Mizon

I captured the nova in Cassiopeia this morning from Colehill at magnitude 5, so it's now an easy binocular object.

Beta Cas (Caph), the right-hand star of the W of Cassiopeia, is at bottom left, with the nova marked with a line at the top, just below the cluster M52.

Canon EOS 600D, 135mm lens, 8-sec exposure, 00.30 BST May 11 2021.


Picture of the week 1 & 2

Submitted by Richard Bassom

Here are 2 image stacks showing meteors, mostly Lyrids, on the night of 22/4/2021. The images are stacked in such a way that the star positions remain fixed so that the meteor shower's radiant becomes more apparent. These are Images from one east facing camera and one north facing camera. A bat also photo-bombed a few images.