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Image submitted by Neill Mitchell

Here's my shot of M57 and IC1296 that I mentioned last night.

This time I thought I'd go for it and capture an hour's worth of data. So I set my ASI224MC to capture 600x6 seconds. I also took 25 darks at the start and end of the run. The camera was attached to my 12" Dobo with a 2xPowermate.

I processed with DSS + Paintshop Pro X9 and was pleased with the extra detail I got with M57 compared to my previous efforts. I then noticed another galaxy had appeared that has never shown up on any of my previous captures. It is IC1296 and is a 15.5 magnitude object, so demonstrates the sensitivity that can be achieved now.

Initially I started of with my 4x Powermate to get some scale on M57, but wasn't happy with the focus, so dropped down to the 2x. If I hadn't I would have missed IC1296.